Quarantine Dates!

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone is staying safe and inside! One thing my and hubby and I decided to do is making one night a week our special date night. One of us will pick a new cuisine and cook a beautiful meal for the two of us to enjoy.

I will keep sharing photos every couple weeks or so, of the themed date nights that we have done! If you would like any of the recipes we have used during those nights, email me at: oatsdateshoneycakes@gmail.com!

Valentine’s Dinner

This whole idea of trying new cuisines, new recipes and foods we hadn’t made before originated on Valentines’s Day. Neither of us had ever cooked fresh lobsters, so we figured it was the perfect time to try!

Now I was kind of a little terrified at first, not going to lie. I knew they couldn’t move that fast, but I was still worried that they might somehow become super strong and bust open of the container.

This was how nervous I was.! Put a little weight on the boxes!

Every time we do a themed date night, we include different cocktails wherever we can! We started the night out with some dirty vodka martinis.

We had the beautiful and super delicious lobster with garlic butter, some pesto pasta (gluten free for me), and unreal scallops and mushroom caps that we picked up from our FAVORITE place Effing Seafood!

We finished the night off with some flambeed bananas over vanilla ice cream. It was super amazing and I will definitely do the lobsters again. However preparing everything (and eating) does require time and effort. Stay tuned for more upcoming dinner themes! Hope they help to inspire you all to try new and different cuisines!

Happy cooking!

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