About Us

Welcome to the place where gluten free sweets meet quality ingredients.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Oats, Dates and Honey Cakes!

My name is Monica (insert FRIENDS reference here). I have had a passion for cooking and baking since I was a little tot. I was lucky enough to have a great manager at my first job in the industry who saw some potential in me. A couple years after I graduated High School, I finally realized that food was more than a love of mine, it was a passion. I tried for about 5 years to get into a highly competitive culinary program. Although I didn’t get in, it gave me the opportunity to explore some other future careers, which is what helped me find my way back to food.

I was lucky enough to get accepted into a Baking and Pastry program in Vancouver and graduated in 2015. Since then I have worked different jobs in the industry that helped me realize how much I enjoy doing my own thing.

I have been gluten free for almost 5 years, and I thought it was the perfect thing to put my passion for baking into my new eating lifestyle. It has definitely been a challenge, and not everything works out how I hope or plan, but I love experimenting.

We work hard to use quality ingredients, avoid thickeners that are in gluten free foods, cut sugar wherever possible and make it flavorful and NOT taste like cardboard.

Please be patient with our small assortment of products, as we find the time to do more experimenting, these products will begin to grow!

We are gradually making changes to our website, so keep checking back for new and exciting updates!

Things You Can Count On


We strive incredibly hard to use good quality ingredients. None of our products use a mixed blend that you can purchase at the store. We experiment with many different flours, which means that we test our products more than several times before it gets to you.

Always Fresh

It is important to us to always use fresh fruit. If requested, our cakes can be filled with fresh organic fruits. Any syrups are made in house and citrus is always freshly zested.

No Substitutions

We do everything from scratch. We use real butter, organic eggs and real Vanilla Bean. We don’t make any substitutions for our fresh ingredients because we want to offer our customers the highest quality products.

Cakes & Flowers

Whenever possible we always love to use fresh florals for cakes. This adds a real touch of elegance, but also helps keep the cost down for you. We do love our sugar flowers, however they are extremely labour intensive which means our prices would have to be much higher.

Something To Keep in Mind

Since we do use quality gluten free products our prices are a little higher than you would pay at a bakery.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta

Let’s make some cake magic.