I ordered some gluten-free chocolate brownies very last minute for a dinner party. Not only was Monica super accommodating on the short timeline, but the brownies were to DIE FOR. I have also had the chance to taste ODHC’s cakes and treats at other events and they always look and taste gorgeous. This coming from someone who is pro-gluten and doesn’t usually like desserts. The quality for price is a steal.

Kim K (Edmonton)

I ordered a Christmas Box for my parents. The customer service was amazing. It was a great experience and I would definitely order from Oats, Dates, and Honey Cakes again. This is what my Mom had to say about the treats:

“We received a Christmas Box from Oats, Dates & Honey Cakes thanks to our daughter. We didn’t know this amazing gluten free bakery even existed. Everything in the box was just terrific! We enjoyed the varied tastes and textures of all the components. And we’re not even gluten free ourselves! But we have friends who are and we now know where to stock up next time they’re in town for a visit.”

Anne Manson (Edmonton)

Have ordered a few different times from Oats, Dates & Honey Cakes and have been very happy! One of the best parts is that Monica, the owner, listens to your personal needs and then puts something together that will suit you. For instance, if you have family members with different dietary needs or preferences, she can work something out that will please everyone! My parents loved the pavlovas and I kept all the macarons for myself!

Janet Fowler (Edmonton)

This (Christmas) box is everything I want. The shortbread cookies of almond greatness and deliciousness dipped in joy and stuff.

Ian and Suzanne (Iqaluit)

Monica’s macarons are so good! The texture is spot-on and she has some creative flavors that I haven’t seen in the shops, like Pistachio Bergamot. They also freeze really well, so are the perfect little treat to enjoy any (or every!) night, after the kids are in bed.

Courtney Lester (Calgary)

Monica is truly revolutionizing the baking world with treats that are not only absolutely delicious and beautiful, but happen to also be gluten-free! (who’d have known?) She is always my go-to for a spectacular cake, creative event boxes, or a mid-week stress buster.

Jo Roy (St.Albert)

I loved my Oats, Dates & Honey Cakes gluten free Christmas box! A wonderful variety of treats from squares to truffles. Flavours were delicious and authentic. Each item individually wrapped. A special touch of a signature wax seal makes it a great gift or personal indulgence.

Donna Lazaruk (St.Albert)

The goodies in the Christmas box were delicious-the lime cranberry squares and almond cookies were gone in a flash, and the other treats were equally yummy, melt in your mouth treats! If anyone thinks gluten-free means taste-free, you must try the delicacies from Oats, Dates, Honey Cakes. Keep on baking, Monica- you’ve mastered gluten free goodies for those who are restricted to gluten free treats, and for those who want to lessen their gluten intake. Even for those of us who still eat gluten, your treats were amazing.

Marilyn Wagner (St.Albert)

Excellent quality, personal service, attention to details – thank you for making products that are so delicious but also visually stunning for gluten free diets. The Christmas Box was a hit!

Tonya Wolfe (Edmonton)

I ordered a cake for my sons birthday. He’s the only one in the family who actually likes cake, yet the WHOLE family gobbled it up!! It was soooo good. Not too sweet which is hard to find. The cakes appearance was just incredible. I give 10 out of 5 stars!! Highly recommend!! I will be ordering more cakes for sure!

Jennifer King (Edmonton)