Wedding Cakes

We would love to be a part of your special day.

Whether you want a big cake, small cake or have no idea, we are here to help make your special day perfect.

What to know now

We like to know about your special day at least 6 months in advance.

Why? This gives us time to:

Decide on the style you want

Schedule 2 meetings

Schedule a cake tasting

Gives you time to make your order smaller (or bigger) once RSVP’s come in

Make sure we have all the inventory to make your cake perfect

First Meeting

  • Meet virtually or at a local coffee spot (coffee on us)
  • Go over small details ex. venue, day, time and number of invites going out
  • Talk about style and vision for your cake
  • How pricing works
  • Cake sizes and flavors available
  • Decor and design details
  • Initial $100 deposit is due after this meeting to ensure your wedding date
  • Book a cake tasting for the future ($20 per person)

Second Meeting

  • Confirm number of guests
  • Confirm venue, date and time
  • Confirm cake and butter cream flavor
  • Confirm florals or other decor details
  • Confirm remaining total and due date
  • Delivery Pricing
  • Cake Stand Rental and Damage Fee
  • Contact Person on the day of
  • Location Instructions
  • Answer any other questions

Cake Tastings

Cake tastings can be booked on the day of the first meeting or even before that.

You can pick up to 3 flavors.

It costs $20 per person.

More flavors? Add $5 per flavor

Cake Stand Rental

If you are having trouble finding your perfect cake stand, you can borrow one of ours.

There is a rental fee of between $10-$50 depending on which you pick.

There is also a damage fee that will be added to your bill.

If the plate has not been damaged in anyway, you will receive the fee back at pick up.

Need a cake for out of Edmonton & Area city limits?

Payment will also include

Mileage: 59 cents per KM

1 nights stay at a hotel per 4 hour drive: Cost depending on location

Let’s make something together.